What is RosieSews?

In an effort to help curb medical supply shortages as we battle COVID19, we’re requesting seamstresses, makers and manufacturers to make masks and other supplies for use by medical professionals, at-risk community members and essential workers including postal works, grocery store workers, manufacturing personnel (and more).

We are attempting to attack with a two-pronged approach: Homemade Small Batch and Mass Production.

Homemade Small Batch:

Homemade masks are not preferred to professional, medical grade n95 respirators or surgical masks. However, the CDC does state homemade masks may be considered as a last resort (“better than no protection”). We are saddened to report that many medical personnel are already experiencing shortages so severe they are turning to the community to help make masks.

Mass Production

We’re working on converting maker spaces across the nation into supply production sites. If you have contacts with medical fabric supply, laser die cut machines or other seemingly helpful resources, please post on our facebook group or send a message to rosiesewscovid19@gmail.com


SeattleMakers has stepped up as the first maker space to convert to a supply manufacturer. They are accepting donations which will purchase raw materials and cover logistics costs associated with shipping.


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Public Relations Contact publicrelations@masksnow.org